Hannah House Auction

Tonight I am heading to the Hannah House Auction to watch my mitten bench be auctioned off. Fingers crossed it brings in a lot of money for a worthy cause!

Update: It ended up going to a friend of mine in the silent auction for more than some of the main (and larger) items went for in the regular auction. I’m not feeling at liberty to say the amount (partly because I don’t know the exact number and partly to protect my friend’s privacy.)

Hannah House Bench 2012

A new commission: All in the family

I’ve started a new commission for a mother and her 2 sons. Each of them looked through my paint samples and chose the colors they liked. I then designed and drew my “signature” patterns on 12 x 12 canvases. To make sure they were cohesive I added a mini-checkerboard detail using the only color they all picked – silver.


Sometimes you can believe the hype

We’ve all been told that oatmeal and other fiber rich foods lower cholesterol, but do you know why?

It turns out that the bile in our stomachs is composed of 70% cholesterol. Since our bodies are very efficient machines we usually recycle that bile and use it again. However, when you eat oatmeal, the water soluble fiber attaches to the bile and it is excreted instead of recycled. To replace the bile that is lost your body has to pull cholesterol from your blood. And voila! Lower cholesterol.

I find that surprisingly cool.



What does a real woman look like?

Find out at My Body Gallery.

At this site you can search for images of real women using whatever stats you want. I looked up ladies like myself (5’2″) and my current weight, the weight I can comfortably maintain (if I lost a few pounds), and 10 pounds under that. Remarkably, the images weren’t all that different – reminding me once again that it isn’t the number on the scale that’s important. What counts is body composition and what you can do with what you’ve got.


Eat Something!

You might think that those super toned tiny little women at your gym are experts at eating as little as possible. You’d be wrong. Those women, and men, eat a lot and eat often.


Because they know that in order to keep their body at its most efficient they need fuel.

You’ve probably heard that the people who have been successful at weight lossĀ  eat 5-6 times per day and always eat breakfast. To some this seems counter intuitive. “How can I eat more AND lose weight?”

Think about your body as a house you have to heat and your metabolism is a wood stove. What’s more efficient? Putting in a log or two at a time throughout the day to maintain a constant temperature (calorie burn) or letting the fire burn out, then restarting it with a big pile of logs? You already know what you feel like when you let your own fire burn out. You get cranky and sluggish and want to take a nap. And forget about wanting to exercise.

An influx of calories (or a session of exercise) boosts your metabolism so you can keep burning fuel efficiently, i.e. burning more calories and fat stores throughout the day when you aren’t even doing anything. For this reason, snacking (healthfully) is your friend. It keeps you from overindulging at every meal because you are starving between them.

Do I have to channel an Italian grandmother? For goodness sake, eat something!