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“Wear yourself — flaws and all — with pride, because you are stunning.”

I came across this blog post that I just love about how we feel about our bodies throughout our lives. (Be warned, there are a lot of cuss words.) I’ve decided that I’m going to take on the attitude of an “old woman” (although not the one I know who continues to weight herself.)

I’m going to spend a lot more time paying attention to what my body can do that what I think it looks like. Because heck yeah, I’m awesome.


Massage: It’s not just for relaxation any more.

You know how I’ve often mentioned you need to do tennis ball/foam roll massages (self-myofascial release) to keep yourself in peak condition and pain free?


Well I meant to. (Actually, I did here and here. I don’t mind if you don’t remember. You’ve got a life and all.)

Anyway, if you want to see the power of massage in action, check out these two videos. They are both of men with dislocated shoulders. The doctor fixes them simply by massaging their shoulder and arm. It’s pretty cool  – especially if you’ve ever had to have your shoulder un-dislocated via the “tug and twist” method.

Imagine how much better your random aches and pains would be if you did the same.


Weight Loss Fantasies

C’mon, don’t act like you don’t have one. You know you have a secret fantasy of what you’ll do when you “finally lose the weight.” Whether it’s going to your class reunion in a smoking hot little black dress and seeing your ex-boyfriend’s jaw drop, pulling off a Michelle Pfeiffer on the piano act, or, gentlemen, creating a Diet Coke break moment for the ladies in your neighborhood while mowing the lawn, we all have them.

I’ll tell you a secret. I have one too. It’s rather…silly. What you have to know first is that 1) Halloween is my favorite holiday and 2) I’m a bit of a closet geek. That being said, my secret weight loss fantasy is to go to a Halloween party in this —>


I said it.

Maybe this is the year it will happen.


“If you keep doing that, it’ll freeze that way!” ~ Mom

Your mom was right. Only she should have been talking about your posture, not your face.

This is probably what you look like about 50-75% of your day – between being at the computer, driving, eating and slumping on the couch we’re way more neanderthal than we’d like to believe.


What can/should you do to counteract this? Two things:

  1. Strengthen your back with exercises like rows, pull-ups, and lat raises. That will help those muscles pull you back up to proper form.
  2. Stretch your chest with some of the exercises below. This might be even more important than the strengthening. Even if you build up your muscles in the back, if your chest muscles are holding you hostage in a forward position you’ll never stand up straight.