Commission: Wedding Tree

I created this piece for a friend’s wedding. The idea is that instead of a guest book you have each of your guests put a thumb print on the tree. You then have them sign their name next to their “leaf”.

The bride loves orange so I made sure to feature that color prominently. I used colored pencils and oil paint pens to create it. I’ve been promised a photo of the final results but as you can see I’ll have to wait until the end of June. (Please pardon the image quality. It was taken through the glass of the frame with a cell phone.)



My latest commission

I was asked to create a 5 x 7 painting of a Peace Sign using magenta, purple, aqua, and light green. I wasn’t sure how my style and a peace sign would blend but I’m actually really pleased with the results. If you have a request, my custom 5 x 7 images are $20 and come with a frame (Shipping is extra if you aren’t local).


Hannah House Auction

Tonight I am heading to the Hannah House Auction to watch my mitten bench be auctioned off. Fingers crossed it brings in a lot of money for a worthy cause!

Update: It ended up going to a friend of mine in the silent auction for more than some of the main (and larger) items went for in the regular auction. I’m not feeling at liberty to say the amount (partly because I don’t know the exact number and partly to protect my friend’s privacy.)

Hannah House Bench 2012

A new commission: All in the family

I’ve started a new commission for a mother and her 2 sons. Each of them looked through my paint samples and chose the colors they liked. I then designed and drew my “signature” patterns on 12 x 12 canvases. To make sure they were cohesive I added a mini-checkerboard detail using the only color they all picked – silver.


Sometimes you can believe the hype

We’ve all been told that oatmeal and other fiber rich foods lower cholesterol, but do you know why?

It turns out that the bile in our stomachs is composed of 70% cholesterol. Since our bodies are very efficient machines we usually recycle that bile and use it again. However, when you eat oatmeal, the water soluble fiber attaches to the bile and it is excreted instead of recycled. To replace the bile that is lost your body has to pull cholesterol from your blood. And voila! Lower cholesterol.

I find that surprisingly cool.