Exhibiting in AVA’s 10 x 10 Exhibition

Step 1 and 2 complete: 1) “Carve” the acrylic medium to make “tiles” 2) Paint the “grout”

I’m currently working on a piece for AVA gallery’s 10 x 10 exhibition/fundraiser. The “canvas” is actually a wooden panel so I am able to use my acrylic medium technique to make a 3D fauxzaic. I can’t do that on a true canvas because it would crack. More pictures to come!

From the exhibit website:

This exhibition will run from March 25 – April 1 concurrently with AVA’s Annual Silent Auction. Panels can be viewed but not purchased until 6pm during AVA’s Silent Auction Party. Each panel is priced at $100 and all proceeds from the sale will go to AVA. Check out the progress at @avagallery_org.

To purchase tickets please call the office at 603.448.3117 or email info(at)avagallery(dot)org.



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