Amy Fortier

Plastic Surgery Whac-a-Mole


Thinking about lipo? You may want to make sure you buy some bigger shirts to go with those smaller jeans. Although lipo can remove fat from specific areas, the body likes to keep the same number of fat cells regardless of how many you remove and will redeposit fat cells elsewhere, especially the upper body. Like a carnival game of Whac-A-Mole, you just don’t know where it’ll go.

According to this New York Times article,

“the body controls the number of its fat cells as carefully as it controls the amount of its fat. Fat cells die and new ones are born throughout life. Scientists have found that fat cells live for only about seven years and that every time a fat cell dies, another is formed to take its place.”

When we lose weight, our fat cells shrink but we still keep the same number. If we remove them from an area via lipo the hypothesis is that the structure supporting those fat cells is destroyed by the process and so are deposited into more hospitable area, i.e. your upper body.

Although the idea of a “quick” fat fix is appealing, I have to admit, the idea of ending up like Quasimodo is much less so.