To Dream the Impossible Dream

Do you have big dreams?

Maybe you’ve been wanting to get another degree. Or write a novel.  Or you’ve considered running a marathon. Or you want to lose 50 pounds.

We all have those dreams but only a few of us actually turn them from dreams to reality. Why is that? I’d venture to guess it’s because when looked at head on those goals seem incredibly daunting, if not impossible. “Me, write a novel?! That’s like 400 pages! I could never do that. Where would I find the time?”

The thing is, that time is going to pass anyway. Why not be working on something in the process?

Any goal takes time and effort but when broken into small pieces like a puzzle, rather than the finished product it’s not so bad. A novel, written 1 page per day, would take about a year to complete. 50 pounds, losing only half to one pound per week would take a year or two to lose. How many years have already gone by since you first started dreaming your dream?

I’d venture to guess that you’ve been thinking about this goal for awhile now. Stop looking at the box the puzzle came in and start putting together the pieces.


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