Tivo and Netflix your way to health?

I’ve recently discovered a number of TV shows that focus on people’s journeys to get healthy and lose weight. I’ve been watching them because not only are they entertaining but they really focus on the mental side of weight gain and loss. As a trainer, this is not something I can learn from a book. Becoming a certified personal trainer was not all that hard for me. I already had a degree in Biology and had created my own success story. However, what happened once I was on the job was discovering that working out isn’t just the physical “I lift stuff up and put it down” but is 85-95% mental.

The shows I’ve been following are:

Ruby: Style Network. I found her on Netflix Watch Instantly. The show is about her and her struggles.

The Biggest Loser: NBC – I watch it On Demand but it looks like you can watch it on the website.


Heavy: A&E – Each episode follows 2 people’s journey. You can watch on their website or On Demand

I Used to Be Fat: MTV – This one is about teens trying to lose weight before they head off to college. Again, on their website or On Demand

Too Fat for 15: Style Network. This follows kids at Wellspring Academy which is a school and weight loss program in one. These were On Demand but I don’t see them there now. It appears they may be on Hulu.

What I like about these shows is that none of them, not even The Biggest Loser, maintain that it’s easy to lose weight. In fact, many of them show just how hard and uncomfortable it is. If it were easy, we’d all look like Jillian and Bob (but then we’d find something else about ourselves to complain about.) I use these shows to remind myself that outside the hour a client spends with me there are a whole lot of hours they spend with themselves. And we both have to be prepared for all that that entails.


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