Holiday Spirit…of the Beverage Kind

We all know we aren’t supposed to drink our calories. We also all know that there are times when we’re going to do it anyway. Conveniently enough, a client of mine sent me to this website which lists the estimated calories (and Weight Watchers points) of what appears to be hundreds of drinks. What I liked best from Dottie’s Weight Loss Zone is that Dottie has created and/or borrowed a list of best and worst drinks (I’ve re-borrowed it below). Eggnog isn’t listed (1 cup = 343 calories) so this isn’t quite holiday specific but it might give you pause when you start imbibing at your holiday party.

Top 5 worst drinks:
1. Margarita in a pint glass (2 oz. tequila, 2 oz. margarita/sour mix, 1 oz. triple sec, lime juice, 1 tsp. sugar) – 550 calories (11)
2. Mudslide (1.5 oz. coffee liqueur, 1.5 oz. Irish cream, 1.5 oz. vodka) – 417 calories (8.5)
3. Long Island Ice Tea (1 oz. vodka, gin, rum, tequila, and triple sec, 2 oz. sour mix, splash of cola) – 380 calories (8)
4. White Russian (1.5 oz. vodka, 1.5 oz. coffee liqueur, 1.5 oz. cream) – 320 calories (6.5)
5. Piña Colada (1.5 oz. rum, 1.5 oz. coconut cream, 3 oz. pineapple juice) – 293 calories (6)

Top 5 best drinks:
1. Rum and Diet Coke (1 oz. rum) – 65 calories (1.5)
Tip: Use diet sodas as mixers, such as gin and diet tonic, diet 7Up and Seagrams 7, diet ginger ale and Jack Daniels, and so on.
2. Vodka and Soda (1 oz. vodka) – 65 calories (1.5)
Tip: Try this with flavored vodka, such as raspberry, vanilla, or mandarin.
3. White Wine Spritzer (4 oz. white wine topped with club soda) – 80 calories (2)
4. Bloody Mary (1 oz. vodka, 4 oz. tomato juice, dash of Tabasco and pepper) – 90 calories (2)
5. Light Beer – 100 calories (2)

No matter what you choose, please be responsible and don’t drink and drive. I want everyone to make it through the holiday season.


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