Got Soda?

I sat in my car incredulous as I heard a representative from the beverage industry tell the NPR listening audience that soda was okey dokey to drink with impunity because it’s mostly water (so’s the hot tub at the gym and I’m not about to drink that.) Also, it’s perfect for kids because it’s hydrating.

Here’s a partial transcript:

Dr. MAUREEN STOREY (Senior Vice President, Science Policy, American Beverage Association): Soda is comprised mostly of water. A full-calorie soft drink has 90 percent water and a diet soft drink is 99 percent water. Water is the most important nutrient that we have…

NORRIS: Let’s move down, though, if you’re looking at that label on the back of a soda, what else is in there that is of nutritional value?

Dr. STOREY: Of nutritional value, there is either high fructose corn syrup or sucrose and that does provide energy or carbohydrates. And if we are active and need a refreshing beverage after a nice long walk or a run, you can have a beverage and quench your thirst and stay hydrated.

NORRIS: Is it advisable after a nice long run or after going out and exercising – which youve been advocating – to reach for a beverage that has 22 grams of sugar or 34 grams of sugar? Is that nutritionally sound?

Ms. STOREY: Well, I don’t think it’s nutritionally unsound. There are some studies that show that particularly with children, children who have been exercising may not drink enough water to get back to the hydration point that they need to be at. So with a little bit of flavoring and a little bit of sweetness, they will drink enough then to get back to where they need to be.

Listen to or read the whole story here or skip to minute 8 of the interview for the “good” parts.

Aside: Is it just me, or does she sound like she’d rather be getting a root canal than doing this interview? I’d hate to have her job. I simply can’t spin that fast.


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