Tip of the Week: Turn your HMO into an ATM

After having been a couch potato all my life, one of the things that got me into the habit of working out was discovering that my health insurance would reimburse me up to $200 for a gym membership or fitness classes. If I worked out a certain number of times a week for a determined number of weeks I got a check. Since I’m cheap and not above self-bribery, this worked to my advantage.

Health Insurance companies do this because fit and healthy clients are cheaper over the long run than those who aren’t. They are investing in you hoping that it will pay off in the future. Obviously, in my case, it worked. I went from couch potato to gym rat to fitness professional. Having to show up three times a week broke through my excuses (most of the time) and got me into the habit of being there. That habit became a lifestyle.

Take a little time to investigate your health insurance policy. Call your HR department. Visit the HMO’s website. It’s free money for something you’re doing anyway right?


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