Personal Training Demo Day at RVC

personal_trainer_I wanted to make you aware of an opportunity you may want to take part in or share with friends and family members (or enemies if you’d like them to get a little beat up on by a trainer.)

What is it? Personal Training DEMO DAY @ RVC!

When: Thurs. April 30th, All Day (depending on the trainer)

What: Free personal training demos with any trainer who offers up their time. There will be a sign up posted in the club and anyone (RVC members and non-members) can sign up for free personal training demos. If you have friends who have been waffling on starting at the gym this may be the perfect opportunity to tip them over into joining you on the path to health and fitness. Misery loves company after all. (Just kidding…sort of.)

If you, or some you know, are interested we can schedule sessions before the poster goes up. I intend to do demos at 1, 3 and 4pm that day. I can also do buddy training. First come first served! And feel free to sign up with other trainers if my availability doesn’t work*. This may become a monthly event (on the last day or weekday of the month) so I’ll keep you posted!

* I am actually available for demos (for members or potential members) on regular old non-demo days so feel free to talk to me if you know someone who would like the opportunity to learn how to use the facilities and equipment.


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