It’s Week 4. Have you seen the inside of your gym recently?

I apologize for not being on top of things inspiration-wise. Between a week and a half of illness and prepping for the Les Mills Master Classes on Saturday (there’s still room in PUMP, JAM and COMBAT, sign up at RVC’s front desk) I haven’t had time to do much of anything.

I did, however, not buy Coffeemate this week at the grocery store as part of my goal to eat more “real” food. French Vanilla Coffeemate doesn’t count as actual food, no matter how yummy it is. I’m going back to sugar and cream. I also bought jam with no HFCS. I feel so virtuous. : )


3 thoughts on “It’s Week 4. Have you seen the inside of your gym recently?”

  1. If you want to feel REALLY virtuous, use skim evaporated milk. Has the “feel” and color of cream in coffee, but none of the fat. I started with regular evaporated. When I switched to skim, I couldn’t tell the difference.

  2. Yes I have seen the inside of the gym this week…actually it was today!!! I almost forgot what it looked like!!!!!

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