Week 2: Excuses

So, how’d you do hitting your goal for Week 1?

Go you if you managed to do all you set out to!

If, for whatever reason, you didn’t manage to reach your goal in week 1, don’t give up. One false move does not a failure make. This is a new week. Time to saddle up and git ‘er done! Ask yourself why you weren’t able to do it. Did you run out of time? motivation? clean socks?

This week, I’d like you to think about excuses you’ve come across as you’ve tried to get to the gym or eat better and then figure out counter measures to combat those excuses. For example, this weekend I ate as if I’ve never heard of moderation or learned how to use any of the appliances in my kitchen. My excuse was “we didn’t have any food in the house.” That was pretty much true and yet instead of taking the steps necessary to remedy the situation (plan a few meals, make a list, go shopping) I spent more time and money traveling to fast food restaurants and eating stuff that made me feel even more slovenly than I already felt.

What excuses do you have to overcome?


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