Acupuncture Question

I have a friend who is an acupuncturist and she asked me the following question:

“I’m doing a talk for a Biggest Loser group at a local gym about acupuncture and Chinese medicine for weight loss.  If you were hearing the lecture, what topics would you want covered/questions would you have?”

I think I would like to know a little bit of the science behind it – the Why and How, at least as practitioners currently understand it. I’d like to know how acupuncture, etc. could be integrated into my fitness routine and why I’d want to do that.

What would you want to know?


2 thoughts on “Acupuncture Question”

  1. Amy,

    I appreciate you putting my question out there. Thanks for your thoughts!

    To answer your question about why someone would choose to incorporate acupuncture into their routine (the science question is way too big for one blog post):

    Acupuncture is one more tool in the weight-loss tool box, like going to a Weight Watchers meeting or hiring a personal trainer. Each individual ultimately will have to decide if acupuncture is right for him/her.

    That said, I have seen acupuncture provide a boost to people who were struggling with starting a fitness routine, or those who have hit a plateau. It has both emotional and physical effects.

    Emotionally, acupuncture is a profound stress reliever (to sneak some science in—it has been shown to release endorphins, much like exercise). In this way, it can help people deal with emotional eating and cravings, and overall stay healthier (since stress is a contributing factor to so many chronic illnesses). Physically, it can help improve digestion, boost energy, and manage injuries.

    I won’t get into more details—I would really like to hear other people’s thoughts on the original question. Here is a link to a blog post I wrote last year about this subject:


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