M.A.C. Attack

I’ve gotten several emails from those of you who are participating in the 6 Week Challenge and it appears that not only do you want to join in and be motivated but you want to be held accountable. Sheesh, so demanding!

I guess I hadn’t really thought through the whole accountability thing. I’ve received emails suggesting weekly meetings, requesting emails for motivation, and wondering where to check in to tell people (or me) that you achieved your goal that week.

accountabilityPerhaps in the future I can get fancier but since this is the first time I’ve done something like this I’m going to keep it simple. First, we’re going to keep this on-line. Consider this here blog “Motivation and Accountability Central” aka M.A.C. (Not that we need an acronym.) I will announce any new posts on Facebook and if you are not on Facebook I can send you an email telling you to come here. Every Monday or so I will write a post asking how you are doing. If you are interested in being held accountable, feel free to comment and share your successes and struggles*.

Sound good? I welcome all suggestions and comments to help this work for you.

*Note to Facebook users: If you make a comment via Facebook it does not show up on this site but it does show up on the link to the post. So I guess you need to decide where you want people to see it. Here is more permanent.


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