Week 1

It’s Day1/Week 1 of the 6 Week Challenge. Do you know where your gym clothes are?

As they say, a journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step. What does that mean for you, me, and this challenge? It means we need to do something to get ourselves going. Since my goal is to workout 3 times per week, I wrote “1”, “2”, and “3” my schedule. If there isn’t something written after each of those numbers by Sunday I have failed. Having a visual reminder helps me. Have you scheduled time to get to the gym this week? Today’s the day to do it.

There are lots of other little things you can do to get started on this journey.  I happen to have a locker at the gym so I generally have all my workout clothes with me but your first step may be simply to pack your gym clothes the night before. Or make sure your iPod is charged and full of upbeat music. If you’re going to keep a food journal do you have a pad and paper designated for that purpose?

Whatever it is you need to do to get yourself moving and changing, today’s the day. No excuses. What’s your first step?


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