Your Mission, should you choose to accept it…

…is to think of a goal: weight loss, fitness, food, exercise or other habit change, and join me for the next six weeks to achieve it.

Why? Because we can all use a little motivation to get us going.10204355aexercise-posters

And you won’t be alone. Starting on Monday March 16, my gym/work place is sponsoring a Biggest Loser type contest. (Check out the website.) There are 12 contestants and they are going to be working so hard it’s a shame not to use that to get myself and you up, moving, and changing your life. Or at least what you eat for breakfast. (You do eat breakfast, don’t you. Just say yes. You don’t want me to yell at you.)

Have you been thinking about making some changes? Especially the kind that may stop you from having to go buy bigger pants? Don’t just think it, do it!

Here are my goals:

  • Do 3 of my own workouts per week in addition to teaching classes. I’m going to try  to take a couple of the classes that I don’t teach – like Spinning and Body Combat.0000-5776-4u-s-food-administration-ration-diet-posters
  • Purge my kitchen of food that isn’t food i.e. items that have ingredients I can’t pronounce, spell, or that I could not buy at the grocery store on their own.

As my “Biggest Loser” told me, “I have nothing but time and opportunity.”

So, what are you gonna do? It’s only 6 weeks but it could last a lifetime. See the side bar for who’s in!


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