Fitness Do’s and Don’ts for 2009

Do track your progress.

Don’t be afraid to lift weights. (This means you ladies. You will not bulk up!)

Do bring a friend to work out with you, but…

Don’t be afraid to go it alone.

Do sign up for a race.

Do buy yourself a workout outfit you feel comfortable and confident in.

Don’t reward yourself with food (get yourself that outfit above instead.)

Do stretch and use a foam roll.

Don’t be afraid to ask the gym staff questions (RVC has someone “working the floor” from 7am to 7pm. They’re the guys in maroon polo shirts. Your gym may have staff to help you as well.)

Do try a new class.

Do introduce yourself to the instructor.

Do introduce yourself to your classmates.

Don’t be afraid to sweat.

Do wipe down your machines with the provided towelettes or sprays.

Don’t forget to tell the club how we can improve (or what we’re doing right.)

Do drink lots of water.

Do clean out your locker now and then.

Don’t forget to go outside once and awhile.

Do have fun.


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