It’s time for TRAIN THE TRAINER Day!

Want to get back at me for the tortures I’ve put you through AND give to charity at the same time? On Friday December 5th, RVC’s trainers are donating their time (and muscles) to raise money for CHAD and Parkinson’s.

Here’s where you come in. For a donation to one of the charities mentioned above you get to torture train me (or another trainer of your choice)! How awesome is that? Just choose a time (you can pick 30 or 60 minute intervals. I’m aiming for a donation of 50 cents to $1/minute.) and I’ll put you on my calendar.

If you normally train on Fridays you’re welcome to keep that time and instead of me working you out, you can work me out (or we can do it together.) Your donation is made in lieu of your training session (so you don’t lose a session.)

Make sense? I have some flyers I’ll be passing out to clients and classes and there will be signs up in the gym. Keep your eyes peeled and start thinking about what exercises you might want to put me through. If you want to gang up on me with a gym friend the more the merrier. (I see an evil ab session coming my way.)

P.S. You can also just donate without making me drop and give you twenty.


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