Just in case you need some inspiration to get thee to the gym as the holidays come at us for the next 2 months, here’s another set of my “before” and “after” pictures (more in “My Story.) (That’s my super cute niece with me in the “after”.)


You may not believe it, but the difference between the two of me is only 20 pounds. Fat weighs less than muscle but takes up more space per pound (about 18% more if my Google search can be believed) so as I got rid of fat and gained muscle I didn’t lose a lot of weight but I lost a lot of size – 8 to 10 sizes to be (not quite) exact. The changes definitely didn’t happen over night (the Before is 2000, After is 2008) but each baby step I took and still take, be it fitness or food based, kept (keep!) me moving forward.

So choose your baby steps and start moving.


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