“Do one thing every day that scares you.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

Sometimes I think my hobbies aren’t the many projects I work on (in case you weren’t aware, I generally have upwards of 8-10 “projects” going on at the same time – writing, crafting, organizing, what have you) but instead, my hobby is simply my need to keep trying new things. This need is how I ended up becoming a personal trainer in the first place. When I first started going to the gym I wasn’t comfortable – mentally or physically. It took me months to try my first class and even longer to venture into the weight area. Was I terrified when I finally got around to doing it? Yup. Do I still get terrified? Yup, (I sometimes get stage fright right before BodyPump class. I’m even more nervous about Body Jam.) but each time I’ve taken myself out of my comfort zone, in large or small ways, it has been super rewarding and led to bigger and better things – or at least new and different experiences.

It’s hard to tell someone to “Just do it!” and have them thoroughly embrace the idea. As inspiration, for whatever you are trying to accomplish or would like to try, I want to share a quote I found in Isabel Allende’s The Sum of Our Days. It’s her latest memoir (I wholeheartedly suggest reading her other memoir, Paula, as well). Ms. Allende writes about her Uncle Ramon and a piece of advice he gave her when she was a teenager that she has never forgotten:

“Everyone else is more afraid than you are.”

If you can remember that, the rest is easy. Just do it.


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