Is your home gym lonely?

Is the treadmill you purchased with all the best intentions currently the world’s most expensive clothes
hamper/book shelf? You’re not alone. I used to have a Nordic Track cross country skier that became a piece of dusty modern art after the first 3 times I used it. The only person I’ve ever encountered who was really into using their home fitness equipment was whoever lived in the unit above my boyfriend’s last apartment. He bought and diligently used his Nordic Track. I was torn about this because as a “fitness professional” I applauded his efforts. However, as the “couch potato” 10 feet below him all I wanted to do was spend a relaxing evening watching TV, not listening to the swoosh swoosh swoosh of the machine (or the guilt guilt guilt in my own head for not being as industrious).

I know that one of the secrets to his success was that his Nordic Track was in his living room. (Mine was in an unheated part of an uninsulated apartment. Go figure why I never used it.) What I’d venture to guess is that part of Nordic Track Man’s diligence stemmed from the fact that he could watch TV while on the machine. For most people, it is infinitely easier to exercise if you have something to distract yourself with – TV, music, books, trashy magazines. I had a friend in college who would get really interesting (i.e. juicy and
non-educational) books or books on tape and wouldn’t allow herself to read or listen to them unless she was on a treadmill or bike.

If you have a piece of cardio equipment languishing in the corner of your bedroom, your basement, or under a mountain of stuff in your so called office I’d like you to take a moment to think about what would
make you get on it again. Does it involve moving it to another location? Cleaning out a closet to get the stuff off of it? Setting up a TV, CD or DVD player, or a lamp for reading? What would it really take? I don’t happen to have any equipment at home but I know that if I couldn’t watch my Netflixed TV shows unless I was on a treadmill I’d probably do it.


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