Vacation Challenge

Since my wonderful clients will be on their own during my upcoming vacation I don’t want them to feel neglected  -or slack off – so I thought I should put together a “Vacation Challenge” for them and anyone who feels like participating. There may be prizes. There will definitely be glory and gold stars!Gold stars

The Vacation Challenge (MY vacation, YOUR challenge) is as follows:

Over the week I am gone,

  • Come into the gym, or do an hour-long workout outside, at least as many times as we normally meet – 1, 2 or 3 times. (5 points per time)
  • Come into the gym, or workout elsewhere, extra times (10 points each)
  • Try a class you don’t usually take (10 points each – and yes, if you come in an extra day AND take a new class that’s 20 points. Points are cumulative.)
  • If you already take classes, give yourself 5 points for taking the ones you usually go to.
  • Complete a total of 10 miles on the Expresso bikes, or on a real bike outside, over the week (10 points for each 10 miles)
  • Complete a total of 3.2 miles (5K) on the treadmill or outside (10 points for each 5k)
  • Try something new in the gym or elsewhere (the pool, the climbing wall, walking or biking to work or doing errands, belly dancing, whatever… 10 points each)

If you want to come in to workout but don’t know what to do try these circuits:


  • Rowing machine (5 min)
  • AMT (5 min)
  • Wave (5 min)
  • Stairs (5 times up and down)
  • Treadmill (uphill 5 min)
  • Repeat a second time – that should be about an hour


Either choose 5-10 of the Cybex Eagle machines and go through that circuit 2-3 times or do the following

  • Walking Lunges with overhead extension (hold a ball or bar)
  • Bicep curls and overhead tricep presses on the Bosu
  • Functional Trainer (FT) (the one with the arms in the corner) 1 arm row (facing machine) then 1 arm punch (facing away from machine)
  • FT core twist – either straight across, top to bottom, or bottom to top or all three
  • Sumo squats (wide stance, feet pointing out) holding a kettle bell
  • Pick your own favorite cardio and do it for 5 minutes
  • Repeat 2-3 times

Keep track of what you do and we’ll tally the points when I return.  Remember, the most important thing is to have fun and get sweaty. Don’t worry that you haven’t “targeted your core” or worked your arms. Just keep moving.  And don’t forget that you can totally steal other people’s exercises. If you observe something interesting while you’re on the treadmill, go ahead and try it. You don’t think I come up with all these tortures on my own do you?


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