Run Forest Run!

I just spent the last 30 minutes with 6 children ages 6 to 12. They are at the club for a week long summer camp. The trainers were asked to volunteer for a 30 minute “session.” Let’s just say that if you ever need to entertain children and they are expecting physical activities choose things where they can run. Don’t get all creative and make them be zoo animals (which is what I wanted to do). They’ll just ask if they can play a game and you’ll end up playing freeze tag and getting your butt kicked by kids who are as tall as your leg. It will be a humbling experience.


2 thoughts on “Run Forest Run!”

  1. Amy this is sound advice!! (Re kids) I take it as a reminder that when you are working with kids, you can spend 3X the session minutes planning and have it all be totally a waste as they will take pleasure in the the simpler straightforward kid experiences- I am planning my pottery classes now and realize I am way overdoing it! I had a 9 year old in the studio yesterday- he was truly an accidental potter, his dad was working on the wheel- I just gave him a lump of clay and he went from being a silent 9 year old with a dumb video to talking up a storm and making stuff with no help from me. Had I really engineered his time he might have “enjoyed” it but this way he was really ripping up that clay!! Can relate to this experience you had-

  2. running is good…jumping/hopping is even more tiring for the little buggers. Anything that involves “who can do it fastest (or slowest for that matter” is also good.

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