Toot toot and a “doh!”

Remember how I said I’d be tooting my own horn here? Well, it’s time.

I ran the Skip Matthews Memorial Run today. I did the 4 miles in 33:57 which translates to a pace of 8:30 a mile. That’s the fastest I’ve ever run which is pretty freakin’ awesome since I really didn’t train for it. I didn’t even decide to run it until Wednesday. And, in my age group, I came in 9 out of 30! Seriously, in every other race I’ve run I’ve been last or second to last in my age group so this is quite an achievement.

Side ego-checking note: I, uh, actually left my house to do the run on Saturday but that didn’t work out so well since it wasn’t scheduled until Sunday. I’m SO good at cross referencing brochures and calendars.


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