Ma’am, put down the brownie and step away from your vehicle

I’m sorry, I can’t be held responsible for my actions re: chocolate (over)consumption. According to researchers quoted in Shape magazine chocolate has addictive properties. Well duh! You didn’t need a test tube and a lab coat to tell me that. However, it is nice to know that my evening fixation on getting something chocolate into my person is just that, a “fix”ation.

  • “Eating [chocolate] can boost levels of seratonin and dopamine, two chemicals responsible for regulating mood and behavior.”
  • “…chocolate contains the same alkaloid compounds linked to alcoholism.”
  • “[chocolate] contains theobromine, a stimulant used in place of codeine in cough syrup.”
  • “…scientists connected some of the chemicals in chocolate to mood elevators found in marijuana.”

Thank goodness and Our Lady of Mocha for 70 calorie fudgcicles.


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